HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Conference

Sitges, Barcelona
May 27-29, 2018

Young Innovators Competition 2018 (YIC 2018)

Do you have a great idea for a new solution or technology in the field of healthcare? If so, look here!

At the Young Innovators Competition on 28th May in Sitges, Spain, three young entrepreneurs will get the chance to pitch their idea and get feedback from healthcare professionals from all over Europe!


Rules and regulations

The European Telemedicine’s Young Innovators Competition 2018 (ETC YIC 2018) is an international contest focusing on new innovative ideas in the field of eHealth and telemedicine. The competition focuses on new solutions for future health using information and communication technologies with respect to health challenges. The solutions presented for the competition can be anything in the field of homecare and telemedicine tools, patient empowerment and communication, health information support systems, administrative support systems, teaching solutions and solutions for treatment and care.

The goal of the Young Innovators Competition is to support technological innovation within the area of health ICT and telemedicine. The competition disseminates the culture of business and supports young innovators and startup companies. The award focuses on new innovative ideas in the field of eHealth and telemedicine that show enough potential to be worthy of further development and investment.

Participants must submit a highly innovative business idea in the areas of health IT and telemedicine, regardless of its stage of development, as long as it is the result of the original work of a single person or a team.

Criteria for the ETC Young Innovators Competition:

  • At least one participant must be less than 30 years old at 1st of January 2018.
  • The innovation team can participate regardless the idea’s stage of development
  • Companies may also participate provided they have been launched within the last 2 years from 1st of January 2018
  • If the idea is presented by a commercial company the company cannot have had an income of over 500,000 € in the last 12 months
  • If the idea is presented by a research group, or a member of a research group, the supervisor does not have to fulfill the age criteria
  • Each team must indicate a project leader and an e-mail address to receive all communications from the ETC YIC 2018 organisers. The ETC YIC Committee reserves the right to exclude ideas deemed not consistent with the objectives and spirit of the initiative.

Applications must be submitted in English to the organisational committee at jpiera@bsa.cat<jpiera@bsa.cat> no later than midnight on 22nd April 2018. Applications must include (in English):

  1. Title of project
  2. E-mail for notifications
  3. Abstract of the solution showing the innovation and potential health benefits from developing the solution and getting it to the market
  4. Name and date of birth of project leader
  5. Name and date of birth of team members

The ETC YIC Committee reserves the right to demand supplementary information regarding funding situation, duration of company or income from the applicant.

Applications must include an abstract of the project drafted in English according to the following template. Applications submitted without this presentation or using a different template will be excluded. The maximum length of the abstract is 10,000 characters including spaces. In addition to the 10,000 characters, illustrations, pictures, videos, screenshots or other means may also be included to better illustrate the idea. All additional elements (illustrations, pictures, screenshots, etc.) must be attached to the abstract where appropriate.

  1. Title
    This section must include project title, brief acronym, and a very brief project description.
  2. Background
    This section must describe the issue that the project intends to address.
  3. Objective
    This section must describe the allover aim of the project/idea.
  4. Methods
    This section must include a description of the methods applied to the project. The description should include a description of the technology that the team intends to use/are using, methods for development and evaluation.
    If the project idea uses intellectual propriety or patents (patents, trademarks, etc.) the application form will need to clearly state who owns the intellectual property, what entitles its use, and under what conditions.
  5. Market of reference
    This section shall include a description of the targeted market and the characteristics of the latter. The size, trend, and segments of the market addressed by the project should also be clearly stated alongside the market actors and their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Originality and differentiation
    The project idea must be innovative and different from those already present on the market. This section must indicate how the idea differs from the ones currently available on the market and why it is unique and different.
  7. Project status/results
    This section must describe the project's status, if a company was set up or if a business incubator was involved and results (or expected results). This section should also specify if the idea has already received an award or if funds were obtained to develop the business. Also, please state if the product already exists and is ready for the market, or indicate the stage of development of the product/service: Sketch Idea/Mock-up/Prototype, Beta product/(Nearly) Market-ready.
  8. Business model and Business plan
    This section must describe the business model that will be adopted. Also, indicate the full business plan including the economic and financial forecasts. Special attention should be paid to describe how the project will grow, the progressive steps to reach the market, and the goals the team intends to accomplish during the first year.
  9. Project team
    This section must describe the project team and include the names, birth dates, professional and academic background of all participants, and the current or planned contribution of each team member. Also, please state if the team is complete or if the plan is to add new participants; indicate the team's strengths.

The ETC YIC Committee 2018 assessing all abstracts:

  • Siri Bjørvig – Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Norway
  • Donna Henderson – Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, Scotland
  • Simona Abbro – UPMC, Italy
  • Pilar Saura – Badalona Serveis Assestencials SA, Spain
  • Peder Jest – Centre for Innovative Medical Technology at Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Matthew Holt – HIMSS / Health 2.0, USA

The committee is established by the organisers of European Telemedicine Conference 2018.

The top three ranking teams will be invited as finalists to present their projects (in English) at the ETC YIC 2018 on 28th of May 2018, as part of the European Telemedicine Conference (ETC) which will be held during the “HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference”. This invitation includes:

  • ADMISSION: Up to 2 free admissions per finalist (team) to “HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference” (held 27 – 29 May, Sitges, near Barcelona)
  • TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: HIMSS Europe will reimburse the three finalists per team (not per persons) for incurred travel and accommodation expenses (based on receipts or invoices) as follows:
    • If based internationally or in Europe: up to 400€
    • If based in Spain: up to €200
    • If based in Barcelona: up to €100

At the competition, the three finalist teams will present their solutions for the jury (in English) who will then vote to decide the ranking of the three projects. The jury will consist of the selection committee of health and innovation experts.

1st February 2018 - Open for submissions

22nd April 2018 - Submission deadline 

6th May 2018 - Notification of the three winners

28 May 2018 - Presentation of the three winning projects/ideas at the YIC15


The winning team (maximum two persons) will be awarded with free conference admission to one of the following (to choose one among the following three):

  • HIMSS19 (USA) or
  • Health 2.0 Fall 18 or
  • HIMSS Europe/Health 2.0 Europe 19.

Travel and accommodation reimbursement are not being provided as part of the above free conference admissions. Further to that, each winning team will receive a free "Business Model Clinic", a business model training offered by our partner eHealth Hub. The Business Model Clinic service targets early-stage startups and SMEs within the eHealth sector, who need a little help with an important question: how am I going to make money?

Last but not least, the winning team will be featured in several media such as the ETC closing press release, the thank-you email to attendees, social media and HIMSS Insights.

All members of the ETC YIC bodies guarantee maximum confidentiality of the information provided by participants, particularly regarding entrepreneurial ideas expressed as business ideas and business plans. No information on business ideas will be released without prior consent by their authors.

These regulations are valid and effective for the 2018 edition of the ETC YIC. Only ETC is entitled to the interpretation of these regulations.

For further information – please contact:

Jordi Piera Jiménez

Badalona Serveis Assistencials

Phone: +34 651041515

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