HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Conference

Sitges, Barcelona
May 27-29, 2018

Turkish Session

Tuesday 29 May, 2018
Location: Mestral 1&2


Did you know that more than 150 Turkish public hospitals have reached Stage 6 in less than eight months? Turkey now has more than 150 public hospitals having fulfilled the criteria to be validated as Stage 6 facilities! Having achieved the goal to raise its number of Stage 6 accredited hospitals by more than 150 hospitals nation-wide, Turkey is now the only country outside North America to achieve the Stage 6 recognition for so many of its public hospitals.

Members of the team who achieved this astonishing result are looking forward to meeting you! 


HIMSS Turkey Session: Keys to the Digitisation Success of Turkish Healthcare

Healthcare is a multi-stakeholder sector whether it is evaluated within the scope of service receivers, service providers and service provision tools. Common goal of service providing physicians, pharmacists, nurses and service receiving patients and system developers is having a sustainable, secure, high-quality, rapid and constant healthcare services.

Protection of an individual's health and providing treatment on necessary occasions are the basic rights within our Law. Patients themselves desire secure, high quality and rapid healthcare service provision. Healthcare staff also demands higher satisfaction and performance levels for themselves during service provision through easing the burden on them and more favour through being taken into consideration by public after individuals appreciate the outputs of service quality they provide. Fulfillment of these demands is directly in correlation with efficient utilisation of technology. In this respect, in order to increase efficiency in sanitation, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, healthcare services planning, management and financing; opportunities provided by technology utilisation are actively used in our country, just like the rest of the World.

In 2017, hospital digitalisation efforts come into prominence and 150 hospitals in Turkey are validated as Level 6 after EMRAM scoring within this year. In this way, thanks to our one Level 7 hospital, which is one of five Level 7 hospitals in Europe and our 164 Level 6 hospitals, which are among the 196 hospitals in Europe, Turkey comes to the fore in patient safety. Contributions of ICT projects in healthcare domain play important parts in hospital digitalisation. Thanks to the dedication and support of healthcare staff, efficiency of digitalisation will be multiplied.

EMRAM, as a tool for MoHs to achieve a better healthcare quality

Unlike public opinion, EHR alone is not a useful element for health care quality. Along with EHR, the meaningful usage functions, such as electronic order, CLMA, CDSSs, PACS, etc. should also take place. Having all such meaningful usage functions makes EMRAM a very effective tool for local and national health authorities to measure their healthcare quality and to set target for the future. This is what exactly Turkish Ministry of Health is doing now.


  • Dr. İlker Köse: Medipol University, HIMSS Turkey Country Director
  • Mr. Muhammet İlkay Kaynak, Ministry of Health, Turkey

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