HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Conference

May 27-29, 2018 | Sitges, Barcelona

Speaker Presentations


Monday 28 May

Katherina Martin Abello - Making Connections

Joerg Aumueller - Medical imaging in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Josep Fernandez Bayo - Cloud PACS RAIM Cloud

Jan Boers - Advanced Digital Imaging

Margo Brands - Personal Health Environments Whats next

Mark Duman - Health and Mental Health

line Bisgaard Jorgensen - Three dimensional wound measurement for monitoring wound-healing

Ellen Maat - Lifestyle monitoring for people with dementia

Carlos Mur - Value based healthcare for chronically ill patients

line Silsand - Establishing an Evidence Based Knowledge Platform for Norwegian Healthcare

jaana Sinipuro - IHAN The New International Protocol to Boost Human Driven Data Economy

Jorg Studzinski - Advanced Digital Image Management

Karina Tellinger - Sweden will be the best eHealth Nation in the world by 2025

Anne Miek Vroom - Ikone new perspective on healthcare

Phil Webb - HIMMS and ARIAS Telling a little emotional Welsh story of AI inHealth

Tuesday 29 May

Hans Aubauer - From Empowered Patients to Engaged Health Consumer

Miquel A Bru - From Clinic to Research to Clinic

Jorrit Ebben - Cross-overs in healthcare

Hannu_Hamalainen - Trust Safety Security Enabling the Secondary Use of Health Data

Philippe Kolh - CHU de Liège IT state of play

Vassilis Koutkias - KONFIDO Secure and Trusted Paradigm for Interoperable eHealth Data Exchange

Maj Britt Juhl Poulsen - Genomics for Research and Precision Health the Danish Initiative

Elisa Salamanca - AP-HP Data Analytics Platform

Kaveh Safavi - From Empowered Patients to Engaged Health Consumers

Priit Tohver - Genomics for precision care Estonian perspective

Francisco Lupianez-Villanueva - Turning Data Into Value from Hype to Wisdom

Peter Walgemoed - Promoting Free Flow of Health Data

Vladimir Zelenskiy - Economic Incentives Toward Outcome Driven Healthcare in Moscow City

Bob Zemke - Connected Medical Device Safety

Health 2.0 Track

Indu Subaiya - Health 2.0

Shawna Butler - Nurse 2.0

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