HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference Helsinki, Finland 7-9 September 2020

Be a Changemaker #HIMSSEurope20
7-9 September, 2020 | Helsinki, Finland


We are happy to host a number of activities, workshops, forums, events and hospital tours on Monday 7 September 2020.

Some of these activities are by-invitation only, add-on or require a pre-registration. Please see more information below.

You can register for these events under our Registration tab following the normal registration process, for prices and additional information, then please choose the Event Only option, and one of below forums or sessions.



Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is Finland's largest and most multidisciplinary University of Applied Sciences, which invests in high-quality learning and innovations in the field of health and well-being. On this tour, you can explore the modern facilities of our new campus in Myllypuro, Helsinki, opened in 2019.

As our guest, you have the possibility to get familiar with our services:

  • Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Laboratory is a state-of-the-art platform for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of human movement data on individuals of all ages.
  • Modern learning facilities for studies of Prosthetics, Orthotics and Podiatry include e.g. 3D-scanning, multi-axis robot carver and new measurement tools for better customer outcomes.
  • Teaching Clinic of Oral Health promotes good oral health for children, families, adults and elderly people. Clients are routed to us from the City of Helsinki Oral Health Care Services.
  • Testbed activity provides an opportunity for diverse testing, validation and research in the field of health and well-being, together with our skilled staff and students.

On this tour you can also visit Finland's largest simulation hospital (e.g operation room, ambulance) and get to see how novel technology (e.g. XR) is utilized in the health sector.


This tour takes you to the Kalasatama Health and Well-Being Centre, which provides integrated health care and social services tailored to the service needs of the client. The centre has a new space solution and ongoing service development with an emphasis on shifting towards digital services. It provides services mainly for the working-age population, as well as some services for children, the young and the elderly. This includes health station, dental, psychiatric and substance abuse services; physiotherapy and occupational therapy; youth and adult social work and social guidance services, services for the disabled and laboratory services. The centre has over 500 social and health care professionals, is open Mon–Fri 7 a.m.–8 p.m. and approx. 1,800–1,900 clients visit the building per day.


On this tour you will get to experience the Kustaankartano Senior Centre, which was founded in 1953 by the City of Helsinki. The centre has spearheaded advancements for innovation and knowledge in elderly care and gerontology nursing. The diverse spectrum in geriatric care offers a continuous opportunity in developing and advancing gerontechnology. The E building, which was recently renovated, has three floors with 45 clients. It has integrated advanced technologies such as Elsi solutions, Yeti-tablet, Spotee Motomed and Paro robotic seal. These have not only increased client well-being but have also proven to be cost effective. Currently a pilot project under the banner “Kustis goes digi” has congregated different innovations. The concept of a multisensory room with the objective of activating all senses as well as evaluating alternative therapeutic interventions was designed. In addition, there is a smart home lighting system, which creates ambiance consistent with time. Furthermore, a proposal for a logistics/ food delivery robot is underway for ease in delivery.



While the number of new Health IT apps and solutions continues to grow exponentially, offering agile, less expensive but sometimes more disruptive alternatives to IT solutions in place, the adoption curve of these technologies is still relatively slow and far from following a similar curve. The Health 2.0 Innovation Forum demystifies the healthcare innovation journey and provides a roadmap with actionable insights, lessons learned and milestones for organizations of all sizes interested in implementing a cutting-edge technology. As attendees will learn, innovation requires a unique balance and understanding of enterprise strategy, innovation intent, organization dynamics, operational consideration, clinical strengths and more.

Who it is for? Hospitals and care providers, state and private insurance, health entrepreneurs and SMEs, pharma and medtech companies, and investors.

The Health 2.0 Innovation Forum will focus on four crucial steps of the innovation journey:

  • creating a culture of innovation,
  • evaluating solutions for fit,
  • onboarding and co-designing the retained technology,
  • engaging users.



Admission fee: Complimentary with ticket, but pre-registration is required. The event remains free of charge for all patients, whether they are registered to attend the rest of the conference or not.

(If you would only like to attend this event, please head to the “Registration” tab on our website, choose Patients 2.0 in the Events Only section of our registration process. With any questions, please reach out to Rebeka on rgyorfi@himss.org)

Patients 2.0 proposes a very interactive forum organised by and for patients. This year, during the half-day session, we will embark on a discussion about how we can build healthcare systems that considers mental health support as part of the care journey. Sharing experiences, best practices and interactive discussions are more than encouraged. The forum will also include a lively panel and audience discussion touching on mental health support for chronic, terminally ill, and long-term patients in hospital or home care.

To top it all off, a showcase of innovative Health 2.0 solutions will provide insights on technologies that can help truly place mental health support within the care journey, and aid patients and professionals alike.



Admission fee: Complimentary with ticket but pre-registration is required. Please choose “Nurses 2.0” in the Events Only section of our registration process.

Nurses2.0 provides nurses, midwives and social care professionals an interactive and honest forum where they can share perspectives and discuss practical questions and specific challenges faced in their daily practices.

Celebrating the Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020, this year's forum will focus on the pivotal role that nurses and midwives hold in every care sector across the world, acknowledging their vital role in supporting, engaging and educating patients, leading, innovating and driving digital change, whilst always caring for patients with compassion and dedication.

This session will include LIVE demos of Health 2.0 solutions proposing new collaborative approaches, and discuss the shifts of responsibilities within the care team that come with the adoption of these technologies.


ultrahack logo - Organised by Ultrahack

Hackathon: 4 - 6 September (Harald Herlin Learning Center, Espoo)

The Final: 8 September at 15.30h (HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, Messukeskus, Helsinki)

This year, for the second time, HIMSS is partnering with Ultrahack to futureproof the health and care. In a hackathon, partners give their challenge to external developers to create new, innovative and digital solutions. Join the Hackathon as a hacker, volunteer, partner or startup and enter to the Ultrahack community. The winning solutions will be presented as part of the official conference program, in the Nordic Health 2030 track. All delegates interested to participate will have the information soon here: https://ultrahack.org/

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