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June 11-13, 2019 | Helsinki, Finland

Jaana Kauppinen

Executive Director
Pro-tukipiste ry


Jaana Kauppinen is an Executive Director of Pro-tukipiste (NGO). Pro-tukipiste is a specialist service that promotes participation and human rights of people who work in sex or erotic industry and of those who are victims of trafficking. Pro-tukipiste has been working since 1990 with and for sex workers to provide low threshold social and health services together with community involvement activities. Pro-tukipiste advocates the importance of sex workers’ rights to have an equal access to health, social wellbeing and legal protection.

Jaana Kauppinen as an executive director focuses on policy making and sex workers rights promotion. Advocacy work for sex workers rights and promotion of social and health rights of sex workers are essential part of her work. She is also responsible of ensuring funding and resources for service provision and she also takes actively part to strategic planning of social and health services in Pro-tukipiste.

Jaana Kauppinen is also a member of steering committee of TAMPEP (European Network for the Promotion of Rights and Health among Migrant Sex Workers). TAMPEP seeks to advance the rights and health of migrant and mobile sex workers across Europe, recognising their diversity as a crosscutting basis for empowerment. and a member of National expert group on HIV/AIDS (coordinated by National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland).

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