HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

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Helsinki, Finland
June 11-13, 2019

Dr. Elisa Tiilikainen

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Eastern Finland

Elisa Tiilikainen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland and the House of effectiveness (a multidisciplinary network of welfare and health related effectiveness research and education). She is also the Chair of The Finnish Society for Growth and Ageing Research, which aims to promote premises for good ageing and collaboration between professionals working in the fields of gerontology and life course. Elisa has been particularly interested in issues related to social wellbeing and inclusion/exclusion in later life. In her studies she has examined loneliness from a life course perspective identifiying different pathways behind loneliness and exploring how loneliness changes in time. Her research has highlighted the multidimensional and dynamic nature of loneliness and its individual meanings in relation to different life events and transitions. Most recently she has worked in a project called “Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing” (PROMEQ). The central idea has been to develop and demonstrate novel models of health and wellbeing promotion for people whom the current methods do not seem to reach. One key target group has been older people living alone and being at risk of different forms of exclusion. Using a co-creative, “bottom-up” approach, an intervention of participatory group-based care management was developed to empower positive transitions in their health and wellbeing.

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