HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

Thank you for attending the 2019 event.
We look forward to seeing you again 26-28 May 2020!

Helsinki, Finland
June 11-13, 2019

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Speaker Presentations

Ahola - Forerunner in integrated healthcare and social care services

Alessi - Augmenting what we do now to get better traction

Alessi - Burnout – is this inevitably part of digital transformation

Ayalasomayajula - Health Anywhere, Anytime Opportunities for Older Adults through Technology

Barclay - Rupprecht - Creating Actionable and Ethical Clinical Decision Support on the Cloud

Birch - Technology to Enable Clinical Genomics

Budrionis - AI Masterclass – practical experiences and use cases

Butler - Digital Rebels Empowered Enabled And Not Waiting

Corazzini - Tele-Health, AI and the New Elderly Care Delivery Paradigm

de Francesca - Meaning of life

Eliasen - FutureProofing Healthcare

Eliasen - It is all about reciprocity and sustainability

Ferrara - Governing Health Data

Ghoussaini - Open Targets Using genetics and genomics to identify therapeutic targets

Halamka - Blockchain Predictions for 2019​

Hofstede - Dutch Interoperability Session

Hughes - The IMI2 EHDEN Project

Hypponen - Mydata Helping Others to Help Me Nationwide Support for Primary and Secondary Use of Health and Social Care Data

Jolkkonen - Digitalization – True or Fiction for Elderly People Kotona (At Home) Concept

Juneja - Flirting with Dystopia

Kauppinen - ICT tools in outreach work

Killar - Scarcity Session

Kohli - Advancing our Healthcare Ecosytem

Kuisma - How Digital Health Interventions Can Help Supporting Cancer Survivors’ Overall Wellbeing and QoL

Lind Gjodesen - Don't miss the train! How do we achieve the digital transformation in the health sector

Linturi - Radical Technologies for Health 2.0

Lowe - AI - Actionable Insights.pdf

Lupianez-Villanueva - Real-World Evidence, Big Data and Value-based Care

Marenco - De Malde - Blockchain in healthcare Basics, challenges, opportunities

Myhre - Key drivers for sustainable healthcare

Perola - Genomics as a personalised medicine approach in disease risk prediction

Peterson - Engaging all stakeholders to achieve public health goals

Pietiläinen - Healthvillage.fi.

Pladys - On the way to a new generation of monitoring.The Digi-NewB project

Politecnico - Digital health and care in Italy towards the Connected Care

Rayner - Integrated Care – Creating the baseline

Riera - Scarcity Session

Rodriguez - From data to improved outcomes toward value-based care A big public hospital experience

Rotvold - Remote Health and Care in Norway

Saranto - Developing and providing digital health services - experiences and challenges

Safavi - What AI can deliver today_Are we ready

Schonenberg - Scarcity Session

Seppanen - Secondary use of Finnish Social and Health Data - a new Act and Data Permit Authority

Seres - Putting patients at the centre

Sharif - FarmaTrust CGT Blockchain Solution

Slee-Valentijn- van Roon - The Virtual Ward in Amsterdam

Speijer - 'Data driven doctor' vs no comments

Studzinski - Blockchain in Healthcare – Mind the Gap(s) Results from the HIMSS Analytics eHealth TRENDBAROMETER

Tiihonen - From data to improved outcomes toward value-based care – case examples from Finland

van der Veer - Health data to the patients and back

Vaz Henriques - Engaging All Stakeholders Including Patients and Families

Vivero - HEALTHCARE IN ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation)

Wackers - Accelerate AI Data Pipelines for a better Healthcare

Weile - Using algorithms and patient data for identification of special needs in antenatal care

Windhorst - Scarcity session




Blockchain Trendbarometer Results Overview

Halamka - Blockchain Predictions for 2019

Mia Marenco HIMSS TASKFORCE Helsinki 2019

Mike Nash

Raja Sharif

Workshop opening

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