HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

Helsinki, Finland
June 11-13, 2019

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Workshop: Playing with Blockchain

June 11, 2019
13:30 - 16:30
Room 207

Paid add-on - 95€ - everyone welcome!

We’ve all heard of blockchain and the impact it may have on health systems in the future. But how many of us could easily explain what blockchain is really about? This hands-on workshop is for the 99,99% of us who still don’t understand, after many explanations, what the buzz is all about. The idea of this workshop is simple: If you get a chance to play with the pieces of the blockchain puzzle, you will never forget what the underlying technology is about. Highlighting recent blockchain initiatives in healthcare and using a learning by doing approach, our experts will give you a nuts and bolts understanding of blockchain, present what the technology has achieved to date for the healthcare industry and discuss the still unanswered question: “hype or game-changer?”.

Chief Strategy Officer
Rymedi, USA
De Maldè
Lynkeus, Italy
Dr. John
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School, USA
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Lumedic Inc., USA
FarmaTrust, United Kingdom

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