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June 11-13, 2019 | Helsinki, Finland

Preparing the future: Climate Change, Refugees and Migrant Health

June 12, 2019
11:15 - 12:15
Room 103 b
The world is currently witnessing an unprecedented global migrant and refugee crisis that will fundamentally affect and challenge European health systems in the future. And these migration waves will only accelerate with climate change refugees. According to a recently released WHO report, migrants and refugees are likely to start their journey in good general health, but they are at risk of getting sick in transit or during their stay in host countries due to poor living conditions or dramatic adjustments to their lifestyles. Are European health systems ready for a tsunami of migration waves? What can we do in order to prepare? Can technology help the integration of migrants and refugees? This session will discuss the challenges, highlight best practices and showcase innovative projects improving migrant health.


Serrano Pons
de Francesca
Chief Executive Officer
Ver2 Digital Medicine
Technical Officer, Migration and Health Programme

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