HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

Thank you for attending the 2019 event.
We look forward to seeing you again 26-28 May 2020!

Helsinki, Finland
June 11-13, 2019

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PCHA Technical Summit

June 12, 2019
8:30 - 17:30
Room 216


Date: Wednesday 12th June

Time: 15.15h - 16.15h

Room: 204 & 205

Description: Integrating technologies has the potential to deliver better, faster, people-centered healthcare innovations that can be taken up by healthcare systems. There's momentum for developing a unique multi-sectoral collaboration to accelerate development of healthcare innovations and to tackle challenges like ageing, improve prevention and early intervention through innovative science and digitise healthcare systems.

This session will look at the current challenges and how we can overcome them through collaboration.


IMPLEMENTALL Project: a New Era of Implementation

Date: Wednesday 12th June

Time: 16.30h – 17.30h

Room: 204 & 205

Organised by: Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT).

Description: Implementation of innovative solutions is a key issue in the development of all healthcare systems. However, the implementation of eHealth solutions is time-consuming and costly. Not only is the uptake slow, but technologies evolve much faster than implementation processes, and we must minimise this gap in order to keep providing the best possible healthcare solutions for our patients.

To reach the desired degree of normalisation of eHealth and eMental health solutions, implementation practices must be based on thorough research, and that is exactly what ImpleMentAll does. This session will provide the chance to discuss and learn about the latest in implementation science and practice. So, join us for an interesting session on implementation in the EU and beyond!

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