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Helsinki, Finland
June 11-13, 2019

HUS Hospital Tour (Invite Only)

June 11, 2019
13:30 - 17:00

Come and discover first hand what Helsinki's hospitals have to offer.

This visit includes a tour of the new state-of-the-art Children's Hospital full of striking design and new technologies, as well as a visit to the Terkko Health Hub to explore the hospital applications of emerging AI and VR solutions.

HUS Helsinki University Hospital - New Children's Hospital The New Children's Hospital is the leading provider of specialized health care for pediatric patients in Finland. The age of the patients varies from neonates to 15-year-olds. The smallest patients are premature babies weighing un- der 500 grams at birth. The wellbeing and equality of patients and families are the cornerstones of our operation. In the New Children's Hospital new technology serves the child and the family and improves care.

The hospital opened in September 2018. Terkko Health Hub The health hub is the development incubator for health technology.

You will hear presentations and demos from a selection of start ups:

Disior Presentation: Start-up story from Finnish Health Tech Ecosystem,

Technology Co-creation with Helsinki University Hospital Clinicians Demonstration: Hands on demonstration: Image analysis software with AR extension

Peili Vision- redesigning rehabilitation

Presentation: How to empower every rehabilitee to train in the most effective way? How to motivate the patients and the therapists in rehabilitation process? Peili Vision has created a VR platform for neurological rehabilitation. Brand new technology of Virtual Reality brought to rehabilitation by listening healthcare professionals & rehabilitees. The users have described their needs and Peili Vision has listened and created a VR platform to respond to these requirements.

Demonstration: Peili Vision showcases how rehab processes and requirements can be integrated to product development in a start-up, and how healthcare professionals and rehabilitees can seam- lessly adopt the new service in use.

Aiforia Technologies

Aiforia Technologies is transforming medical image analysis by bringing deep learning AI to assist human experts. Our aim is to enable better, faster, and more personalized care for patients. This is achieved by developing solutions for clinical diagnostics, and by supporting drug development. The unique Aiforia®Cloud platform enables domain experts, e.g. pathologists and other medical ex- perts, as well as researchers, to rapidly create image recognition algorithms to automate laborious tasks and to empower new discoveries.

Presentation: Bringing AI to the hands of medical professionals to transform image-based diagnostics

Demonstration: Hands-on demo for creating a deep learning AI algorithm Helsinki's Biobank A vital part of research, learn how the biobank works with HUS to provide valuable genetic databases to advance scientific discovery.

We are also hosting a second HUS Hospital tour with the same content to be held on Friday June 14th, open to all conference attendees.
Register your interest to join the tour on Friday, 14 June from 11:00-13:00 here

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