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Philips to preview Future Health Index 2019 themes and findings in live webinar

On Wednesday May 29, in a live webinar, Philips’ Chief Medical Officer Jan Kimpen will preview the themes and findings of the latest edition of its Future Health Index, a global research project exploring experiences of the healthcare system, from both a patient and a healthcare professional’s perspective. 

Over the past three years, Philips has produced its annual Future Health Index (FHI), measuring perceptions of how healthcare is experienced. In its first year (2016) it explored patient and provider perspectives and then, the following year, compared those perceptions with the reality of healthcare systems in those countries. Last year (2018), the FHI explored the progress made towards value-based care.


In this exclusive online event, Kimpen will preview the themes and findings from the 2019 edition, involving 15 countries and representing around half of the world’s population. He will be joined by K. Elizabeth Hawk, MS MD PhD Clinical Instructor, Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Division of Nuclear Medicine and Patricia Mechael, PhD MHS, Co-founder and Policy Lead, HealthEnabled, Technical Lead for the Global Digital Health Index. Together they will explore how digital health technology “is transforming healthcare experiences” and will examine some of the report’s findings across three distinct themes.


Within the first theme, ‘Engaged and digitally enhanced healthcare professionals’, the three will explore how an increasing number of healthcare professionals are using technologies like digital health records (DHRs) and telehealth to obtain both better results and higher job satisfaction.

In discussion around the second theme, ‘Empowered patients – access to data, more control’, the speakers will talk about how individuals with access to their own health data are far more likely to engage with that information in ways that improve the quality of care and their overall experience.

The third theme, ‘Learning from forerunners’, will explore the experiences of digital health technology trailblazers like China, Saudi Arabia, India and Russia and look at how these countries can provide lessons that everyone can apply.


The three will wrap up with ‘Conclusions: how can health systems best prepare themselves for continuous transformation’ and discuss how bringing new technologies into healthcare is a journey, not a one-time event, and that new challenges arise as others are solved.

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