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The Leader of Norway Health Tech Wins the HIMSS Future 50 European Achievement Award

Helsinki, Finland – (June 13, 2019) Kathrine Myhre, the CEO of Norway Health Tech, previously known as Oslo Med-tech has been awarded the prestigious HIMSS Future 50 European Achievement Award at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki yesterday.

Kathrine, a thought leader with great futuristic visions for healthcare was born in Re, Vestfold, a small village in the south/east of Norway. She has lived in UK and is the founder of Oslo Med-Tech Cluster which is now known as Norway Health Tech. The cluster has been constituted by more than 200 members from Med-tech, pharma, eHealth and Digital health companies, R&D-institutions, hospitals and local health authorities, international companies and investors.

“I am really honored to receive the HIMSS Future 50 Award. This is really motivating to continue the work of building a health innovation ecosystem that delivers the best and most efficient treatment to patients, at the same time as we build sustainable health services by taking in us new and innovative digital technology, nationally and internationally”, said Kathrine while receiving the award.

Kathrine was recognised for her support for the Nordic Interoperability Project, for providing testbeds for digital health innovators and commercialization of their solutions in the Nordics as well as her invested efforts in bringing digital health closer to communities in South East Europe.

Kathrine said, “To observe that patients are getting help and treatment due to for example new personalized diagnostic tools and treatments, developed by our digital health industry, is highly motivating. I believe it is only by facing the challenges and needs of the patients, users and health “systems”, and solving them by collaboration with the health innovation ecosystem (health payers, providers and industry), that we can develop new and innovative payer-models and more sustainable healthcare systems, worldwide”

Over the years, she has built organisations, and a broad network, both nationally and internationally. She has initiated and led numerous strategic and innovative processes and projects, within a broad spectrum: conduction of creative processes, market analysis, business creation, handling of IPR, marketing and sales and facilitating financing of key projects and businesses.

Sean Roberts, Vice President of HIMSS EMEA commented: “To ensure the growth of digital health into its full potential, we need leaders who can constantly push to improve the quality in treatment and care by developing and industrialising world-class health solutions through members and ecosystems. Kathrine Myhre is one such thought leader and a role model. Her contributions to digital health innovations like the Nordic interoperability project and her efforts in bringing digital health closer to communities on a pan European level is impeccable and deserves recognition and support. It is an honour for HIMSS to recognize Katherine as a top Future50 leader in healthcare, and we hope she will continue to inspire our community of thought leaders.”

The European Achievement Award is part of Future 50, a HIMSS initiative that aims to identify and bring together the top 50 healthcare IT leaders in Europe.  The Award recognises the honoree from the HIMSS Future 50 Leadership Programme who has demonstrated significant leadership and extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the digital maturity of health in Europe during the course of 2018/2019, alongside a continued commitment to the health information and technology industry.


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