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Discrimination of women executives in Health IT decreases by 11% compared to last year

The findings from the Women in Health IT 2019 survey were made public during the HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference.

Helsinki, 13 June 2019 -   The Annual Women in Health IT survey by HIMSS Europe revealed a remarkable reduction of 11% in the number of women executives feeling discriminated in health IT compared to last year.  The findings were made public during the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki on 13th June.

Healthcare and IT professionals from across Europe provided their views about women in healthcare. The majority of the respondents have a clinical or IT systems background, with a range of professional titles, including; physicians, nurses, hospital C-suite, pharmacists or programmers/developers, amongst others.

Even if the a slight increase in recognition of women professionals is relieving, there is still a distressing percentage of women in Health IT industry being subjected to other forms of discriminations.  While 79% of organisations surveyed promotes diversity in work place, women professionals face discriminations like lower salary (19%), unequal workplace treatment (13%), lower chances of promotion (15%) and exclusion from decision making (15%).

The answers to the open ended question about how women executives dealing with gender discrimination reveals that the respondents are coming forward to openly discuss the issues with colleagues and management rather than succumbing it.  The raise in women professionals utilising resources like conferences (17%), networking events (11%) and publications (12%) are making positive impacts in the Healthcare IT industry.


“I am hopeful about annual Women in Health IT Survey results. It is wonderful to know that women in Health IT are being recognised for their contributions to the industry. An 11% decrease in the number of women professionals in digital health is remarkable. Concerns around the major percentage of women feeling discriminated at worksite based on gender or salary remain concerning, but overall, the survey results motivates us to work more through strategic initiatives” said Angela Velkova, Director of Communities and Strategic Relations, HIMSS Europe.



HIMSS Europe Annual Women in Health IT Survey enquiries: Angela Velkova (avelkova@himss.org)

Press & communications enquiries: Inés Burton (iburton@himss.org)

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