HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

Helsinki, Finland
June 11-13, 2019

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Innovation Workshops


Location: Room 207
Date and Time: 12 June, 11.15 - 12.15

Session 1 (11:15 - 11:35)
Improving patient care in Critical Care through Analytics

In a highly demanding, data-rich environment such as the intensive care unit, big data analytics is essential to improve processes of care and make the right clinical decisions in critically ill patients. This lecture will address recent developments in the field, from the development of key performance indicators to their impact on patient care and outcomes"

Speaker: Prof. Chiche

Session 2 (11:35-12:15)
How to use data and analytics to drive clinical, financial and operational outcomes

Speaker: Andrew Fearn, EMRAD

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WORKSHOP: Practical AI: what works and what doesn't?

Location: Room 206
Date and Time: 12 June, 11.15 - 12.15

Join us to discuss practical AI in healthcare if you want to make a difference! You can attend whether AI is already business as usual for you or you are just planning first implementations. Gain knowledge on real-life AI implementations and share your insights with colleagues. Among the discussed topics will be AI strategy, data quality, AI productization and challenges and opportunities in implementing AI in an organization - what works and what doesn't? Discuss and share ideas with our experts like Teemu Birkstedt, an experienced data strategist, and Heikki Aatola (Medical Advisor, MD, PhD) who has vast experience of the data management in public and private healthcare."

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WORKSHOP: Nordic solutions for a digital paradigm shift in healthcare

Location: Room 207
Date and Time: 12 June, 13.30-14.30

Nordic healthtech empower the individual - patients as well as professionals. It's a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare. HealthTech Nordic represent more than 200 Nordic startups, providing a variety of healthtech solutions, during this workshop 12 of these will showcase their solutions.

Attendees will be guided through the solutions, which are all available to buy on the market today, and shown how they allow for a digital paradigm shift.

Solutions for improving sleep, boosting adherence and empowering people with chronic diseases will be showcased. As will virtual office solutions for professionals and platforms for patient communication.

Presenter: Marianne Larsson, Director of New Industries at Innovation Skåne and Director of HealthTech Nordic.

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Workshop: Real-life AI Use Cases in Healthcare

Location: Room 206

Date and Time: 12 June, 13.30 - 14.30

NetApp, together with eco-system partners, is working with leading institutions worldwide on AI use cases that are quickly transforming the future of healthcare. Join us for a 60-minute workshop in which we talk you through real-life use cases of our customers and how they use AI to cut costs, improve diagnostics, and speed up development.

Speaker: Philippe Wackers, Innovation Manager Healthcare EMEA, NetApp

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WORKSHOP: Building a Successful Data-Driven Health Economy that Promotes Innovation and Better Care

Location: Room 207
Date and Time: 12 June - 15:15-16:15

A robust health economy requires comprehensive data for your whole population, and from all the participants, including citizens themselves. Such an information asset can support coordinated care, healthy aging in place, clinical research, and new business models. But it requires more than software to succeed. This interactive workshop will use videos, interactive discussion, and examples from successful organizations to explore the enablers of a successful data-driven health economy.

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Workshop: Meet Electronic Health Records - in the Flesh

Location: Room 202
Date and Time: 12 June, 15.15 - 16.15

Healthcare organisations are moving towards advanced electronic health record systems (EHRs) and implementing state-of-the-art solutions to replace legacy systems. The Accenture EHR Workshop at HiMSS Europe 2019 will feature executives who are currently implementing, or have finished implementing, EHR projects. We'd like to give you as much of a direct sense as possible of the practical inner workings of an EHR project and of how to ensure those that are underway deliver on promised benefits. Lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid and successes achieved so far will all feature in this interactive, exploratory session hosted and moderated by Accenture. Learn how to set appropriate goals, achieve them and communicate the benefits to clinical staff, while ensuring patients experience the advantages along the care pathway. From tactical detail to macro benefits and strategy, come along to get a firm grasp on the most important aspects of EHRs.

Speaker: Marko Rauhala, Accenture Finland's Managing Director Health and Public Services

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