HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Conference

Sitges, Barcelona
May 27-29, 2018

HIMSS-CHIME Leadership Academy: Leading the Next Wave of Healthcare Transformation

Pre-Conference Event.

Under Invitation Only.

27 May, 2018

9:30h - 17:00h

Healthcare information technology professionals have been leading the way in implementing electronic health records, clinical informatics and analytics, and patient-centered care. But now healthcare is seeing disruption at every turn with the introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, social networking platforms and wearable technology. What will this quantum change mean to healthcare and what can HIT executives do to direct their organisations toward effective adoption and use of these powerful new capabilities? Healthcare is exploring the potential for these technologies to make services more efficient, anticipate demand and tailor treatment. Decisions can be more transparent and evidence-based, the right care can be offered to patients based on their personal needs, safety and security threats can be recognized and responded to quickly, and healthcare professionals can have data available for every action and decision.

Patient experience is being translated into the patient ecosystem. "Always on" services and learning are becoming expected by patients and the healthcare workforce. How are the best HIT executives reinventing their leadership in the face of digital transformation? How must they work with their executive peers and technology partners to create the climate to lead through the disruption of new technologies, increasing innovation and transformational change? In this programme, executive faculty will share their views on the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation and the implications for HIT leadership.

Learning Objectives

  • Investigate the new frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things and the connections between them that will transform care
  • Discuss how HIT leaders can challenge themselves to be more engaged and influential as digital leaders; working with their peers and communities to develop a digital strategy for their organisations
  • Examine the changes in direction necessary to create and deliver on a digital strategy for healthcare
  • Describe how continued integration and alignment of health systems and digital capabilities will create the next wave of healthcare transformation
  • Identify current programmes that are taking on the transformation challenges
  • Explore the qualities of leadership and collaboration necessary to connect with patients, peers and partners to put people ahead of technology in healthcare transformation

Faculty (Subject to change):

Harold Wolf, President & CEO, HIMSS

Russ Branzell, FCHIME, CHCIO, President & CEO, CHIME

Keith Fraidenburg, MBA, Executive Vice President & COO, CHIME

Albert Oriol, CHCIO, CIO, Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego

With the participation of:
Robert Wachter, MD, Chair of the Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; Author, The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine's Computer Age

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